Earthquake Review: February 2022

Published: 03/01/2022

Summary of damaging earthquakes in February 2022: 10 events, 19 casualties and approx. 3000 buildings damaged in 16 countries.

General summary:

During February 2022, only 10 damaging earthquakes were detected. This is among the lowest monthly numbers on record. However, three of these earthquakes turned deadly with the latest being the most destructive earthquake of the year so far. Resulting from those earthquakes, 19 people have lost their lives while 397 others were injured and around 10,000 displaced (including those who temporarily evacuated due to aftershocks following last week's earthquake in Sumatra and haven't returned to their homes). Four people are remaining missing after being buried by an earthquake-induced landslides. Approximately 3000 buildings were damaged by earthquakes and secondary effects in 16 different countries.

Damaging earthquakes:

The Mw6.2 earthquake in Central Sumatra on February 25th was the cause for most of the earthquake losses in February. 13 people died in this quake, four are remaining missing after a landslide buried homes. 388 people suffered injuries. Around 2300 buildings were damaged to various degrees, most of the residential units. 9800 people remaining in emergency shelters.

Two more fatal earthquakes occurred in Afghanistan and Guatemala. The Afghanistan quake was a deep M5.7 in Hindu Kush region on February 5th, resulting in strong shaking especially in Kashmir and parts of Northern Afghanistan. Two miners in Afghanistan died in an earthquake-triggered landslide, a third casualty was reported from Pakistan, where several houses were damaged. Minor damage was also observed in the Indian Kashmir valley.

The M6.2 Guatemala quake on February 16th was related to three indirect casualties who suffered heart attacks. No significant damage followed this quake. National authorities were talking about ~ 40 damaged structures. One building also cracked in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Another significant quake hit the southern Caucasus region on February 12th. The same area on the border of Armenia and Georgia was affected by a large earthquake swarm in late summer 2021. Despite weeks of silent, the M5.4 quake followed, causing damage in both countries and Turkey, where two people were injured.


No tsunami activity related to earthquakes has been observed.


Except the deadly landslides following the previously mentioned Afghanistan and Sumatra quakes and the , two more earthquakes have triggered landslides that affected infrastructure: The M6.2 Guatemala quake where several roads were blocked by debris, and a M4.3 in Northern Algeria on February 18th, where one road was blocked by rockfall.

Volcanic Eruption:

No damaging earthquakes were associated with volcanic activity.

Induced earthquakes:

No damaging induced seismicity was observed. However, an induced M3.4 near a coal mine in Poland on February 7th lead to a mining accident where three miners suffered minor injuries.

Other earthquakes:

No other significant or unusual seismicity has taken place in February 2022.

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