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ml 5.0

Depth= 2 km
29.47°N -8.35°E

mb 4.9

Depth= 45 km
-0.79°N 133.26°E

mb 5.8

Depth= 100 km
50.67°N 156.24°E

mb 4.3

Depth= 0 km
35.26°N 26.83°E

m 4.1

Depth= 4 km
63.85°N -22.55°E

ml 4.1

Depth= 9 km
31.48°N 56.78°E

m 4.7

Depth= 10 km
40.20°N 76.61°E

mb 4.5

Depth= 2 km
41.16°N 43.93°E

mb 4.5

Depth= 10 km
63.89°N -21.37°E

m 4.4

Depth= 10 km
63.87°N -21.87°E

mw 4.3

Depth= 2 km
38.17°N 26.14°E

mb 4.1

Depth= 2 km
38.13°N 38.55°E

News & Reports

Low seismicity and damage in April 2022. Casualties were mostly related to induced earthquakes and landslides.

An earthquake early warning on the Balkan peninsula has taken many residents by surprise. Which lessons can be learned for Google's plans of a global earthquake warning system?

A high number of damaging earthquakes occurred in March 2022: Five casualties and more than 20,000 damaged buildings resulted.

Summary of damaging earthquakes in February 2022: 10 events, 19 casualties and approx. 3000 buildings damaged in 16 countries.

Summary of damaging earthquakes in January 2022: 35 events, 32 casualties and more than 15,000 buildings damaged in 26 countries.