04/15/2020 - Earthquake in Magdalena, Colombia

Affected Population
Strong earthquake damages buildings in Northern Colombia

Damage to several structures was reported after a strong earthquake hit the Colombian region Bolivar on Wednesday. According to United States Geological Survey, the earthquake with magnitude (Mw) 5.7 occurred about 450 km north of the capital Bogota in a depth of 41 kilometers. It was felt in most parts of northern Colombia and bordering regions of Panama and Venezuela. The maximum intensity, reported by witnesses and consistent to the reported damage, was VI in areas around the epicenter, as it was also calculated for our Risklayer rapid disaster estimation. 

The observed damage so far includes cracked buildings in several places, as well as widespread power disruptions. No collapse or severe structural damage was seen yet and no injuries have been reported. A detailed damage assessment is on the way.

The quake occurred on a normal fault in intermediate depth in the lowermost part of the continental crust. 


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Event Characteristics
Latitude 8.89 °N
Longitude -74.32 °E
Date & Time April 15, 2020, 10:59 a.m.
Magnitude Mw 5.7
Depth 47 km
Last Update 2020-04-15