01/28/2020 - COVID-19 | Coronavirus in Germany

Pandemic - Over Time

For this graph, some assumptions were made:

  • interpolations were made where data differed from day to day as per definition of infected. 
  • definitions of city vs. landkreis splits were made consistent over time.
  • cleaning of errors was made.

Sources can be found by clicking through the admin zones on the map above. Each data point was retrieved at about the same time 0:00 o'clock of the given date.

This service has been discontinued since March 13th, 2022

Select "Pandemic - Over Time" in the layer selection on the map.

Pandemic - Over Time - Total Summary

These sources are checked around the clock and updated in a Google Sheet.

After 2 weeks of doing the statistics at Risklayer and CEDIM full-time, a platform via Google Sheets was set up with 3-way verification, to enable for crowd-sourcing of the Kreis und Gemeinde Daten which has had around 150 contributors from Germany so far. We have worked with BNN, Tagespiegel, MDR, Wikipedia and other news entities to integrate these numbers in their platforms as it eliminates the errors, and they have even helped join the crowd sourcing initiative.

The nightly reports of this data have been done from the 4th March until now and released via news agencies, on the Risklayer Explorer and first on the Twitter and Facebook feeds. The global subnational database is only updated every 3-4 days given the amount of focus on the German platform.

Aftershock Sequence
Event Series

The Corona Virus is affecting a lot of countries. Here you can get the global overview as well as regional assessments.

Date Event
01/20/2020 midnight COVID-19 | Coronavirus Worldwide
01/28/2020 7:46 a.m. COVID-19 | Coronavirus in Thailand
Event Characteristics
Day of first WHO report 2020-01-28
Country of Origin (patient-0) Germany
Cumulative Infected 0
Currently Infected 0
Total Dead 0
Total Recovered 0
Global Pandemic True
Vaccine Available True
Last Update 2022-03-01