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Virus Disease
Global pandemic

Mw 5.8

Depth= 110 km
-33.38°N -69.96°E

mb 4.9

Depth= 10 km
3.14°N -74.79°E

mb 5.7

Depth= 40 km
-6.31°N 147.61°E

mb 5.0

Depth= 40 km
28.24°N 104.37°E

mb 5.0

Depth= 30 km
35.02°N 33.75°E

Mw 7.2

Depth= 122 km
4.96°N 127.52°E

mb 4.5

Depth= 2 km
47.62°N 14.45°E

Mw 6.4

Depth= 20 km
-31.83°N -68.77°E

News & Reports

The SARS-COV-2 virus has affected billions of people globally either directly, through testing, quarantining, cancelled meetings and conferences, production and supply difficulties and a run on various products. The economic effects of the event will likely be above $1 trillion given the large economic implications in China, USA, and production activity globally.